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JV Models produces fine quality, craftsman kits for model railroad layouts. Kits are available in N, HO and O scales. Kits are replicas of historical buildings, structures, and trestles to complete vivid and compelling layouts. View all of JV Models' kits here or view them by scale using the links above. Move your mouse over any thumbnail photo for a larger view.

O scale models are manufactured by both John Rendall Scale Models and Suncoast Models, divisions of JV Models.

John Rendall Scale Models O Scale:



Ideal starter kit. Use with log scenes or for trackside buildings. Includes cast windows, door, full instructions and templates. Two structures. (Logs not included). Scale 10' x 20'. (each kit builds two structures).

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Branch line

From Grand Trunk Glory Days, here's an all wood water tower kit designed to serve narrow gauge and short lines white pine or basswood stripwood with wood formers, metal or Grandt Line details, board-on-board quality. Scale 22' x 42.' Approximate 60,000 gallon capacity.

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Straight Timber Trestle

From Grand Trunk. Wood trestle, this kit is designed to be your layout's focal point. Made from basswood or pine scale stripwood with templates, drawings, color photo and bridge ties. Up to 18" long and 16" high. Also includes N.B.W. castings.

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Curved Trestle

From Grand Trunk. Wood trestle, this kit is also designed to be a focal point. Made from basswood or pine scale stripwood with templates, drawings, color photo and bridge ties. Up to 36" long and 16" high. Can be combined to create longer spans. (This kit can be built to any radius, straight span or even an "S" curve) Also includes N.B.W. castings and fire barrels.

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Boyd Lumber Co.
Logging Camp

Craftsman-style structure kit builds: Rail Shed, Company Store, Dining Hall, Water Tower, Kitchen and 3 Bunkhouses. Quality basswood stripwood with scenery details and easy-to-follow instructions. (Logs not included. Appearance varies with arrangement.) Scale 50' x 85'.

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Burnt River Mining Co.

Shaft tower, ore bins, hoist house. Basswood or pine stripwood with scenery details and plans. Can be made to be a working model. Takes a small space. Wood included for embankment. Scale 53' x 15'.

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Watson's Siding

Once a thriving village, now a derelict "backwoods ghost." Craftsman style kit: General Store, Freight Station, Blacksmith's Shop, sheds and fences. Scale 40' x 30'.

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Lucas Sawmill

Based on the historic Halibuton Sawmills, this craftsman-style kit has board-on-board construction over timber framing. Includes mill, log deck, machine shop, racks, benches, lumber & more. Quality pine or basswood, full instructions with templates, scenery details & color photo. Scale 50' x 95'.

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Haliburton Engine house

Originally built in 1878 for the Victoria Railway, this craftsman-style kit features pine or basswood, Grandt Line details with full instructions, diagrams, scenery details & color photo. (Box car utility shed not included). Scale 23' x 79'.

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Victoria Station

Wood kit features templates and easy instructions to let you experience the satisfaction of building museum quality models. Includes basswood, Grandt Line details, scenery items and color photo. (Figures not included). Scale 23' x 56'.

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Detail Parts:


Dimensional Brick Building Material - Colonial Red

Dimensional Brick Building Material - Colonial Red (3 Sheets)

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Dimensional Brick Building Material - Dirty City Brick

Dimensional Brick Building Material - Dirty City Brick (3 Sheets)

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Wood Barrels

5/8" x 7/8" Wood barrels - 12/pkg.

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Hooks - 12/pkg.

8" Hooks (12 per package)

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Suncoast Models O Scale:


Icing Platform

An impressive structure for your layout! A full 130 scale feet long the extension kit will add another 130 scale feet to the platform; Enough platform length for 3 x 40 foot reefers. Materials include: color coded wood, aluminum siding, cast windows, scale drawings, and detailed instructions. 4" x 36" space required.

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Icing Platform Extension kit
(adds 36" to #002)

See above. Requires base kit #002. 4" x 36" space required.

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Yard Office

Yard Office



Logging Camp

The center of your logging operations. No soldering is required. All parts assemble with glue. Materials include: color coded scale wood, sheet brass, cast hook and windows, single and double pulley blocks, drawings, and instructions. (Logs not included). 8.5" x 11" space required.

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Small Town Station

Great Northern prototype. Color coded styrene, color coded wood, cast windows, detailed plans and instructions. 12" x 7" space required.

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200 Ton Coaling Tower

200 Ton Coaling Tower



Fairbanks-Morse Automatic
Coaling Station

"Automatic" refers to the fact that coal was conveyed directly into the engine tender from the underground storage bunker. 1930s era.

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